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Services we provide for washer repair

Verification and installation of pressure switch, lid switch, wiring, electronic boards, belt, coupling, clutch, shocks, springs, support pads, tub, rubber supports, motor and pump, gasket and boot, drain pipe, thermostat, inlet valve, soap dispenser, agitator and dog tags, shock dampening device, door lock and door strike, inlet hoses and screen filters.


Preventive Maintenance

Where else can you get the repair of your fridge, stoves, dryers, washers, dishwashers and microwaves all at $50? Avail this only at Montreal Appliance Repair! We do regular cleaning and checkup of your fridge, stoves, dryers, washers, dishwashers and microwaves every 6 months. We make sure that they are cleaned and greased properly, aiming for longer service life for all of your appliances.

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Common washer problems that we repair

Washer won't run and it's plugged in

Call a Montreal washer repair technician to take a look at your washer, if there is a problem, it might be an inexpensive problem like a sensor.

Washer will not fill with water

Call a Montreal washer repair technician to take a look at the plumbing of your washer. It might be a simple inexpensive problem like a worn out solenoid. If your washer is getting water but it fills very slowly, the technician will be happy to see that your problem gets fixed as soon as possible, getting your washer repaired.

Washer is making a terrible thumping noise

Quite often this happens because the washer has been loaded improperly or the laundry has shifted during the cycle. Never load clothing on just one side of the central agitator, distribute it evenly around the washer's tub. If the thumping occurs during a cycle, simply stop the washer and redistribute the wet clothing. If the problem continues, stop your washer and call a Montreal washer repair technician as soon as possible.

Water puddles on the floor

This can be a simple situation to fix but sometimes it is a very dangerous problem. I've had a water hose burst and it is a huge mess to clean. Washer hoses should be checked and replaced regularly to prevent this problem. Call a Montreal washer repair technician as soon as possible, not doing so can cause you hundreds of dollars in water damage repairs.

Soapy puddles on the floor

If you have a front-loading washer, be certain that you are using an HE - high efficiency - detergent. These are formulated to be low-sudsing and to be used in the lower levels of water in a front-loading washer. Front-loading washers have a small overflow system usually on the back of the washer. If you have too many suds, they are probably escaping from there. If problem continues call a Montreal washer repair technician.

Clothes are still wet after spin cycle

This is due to the fact that your washer does not spin, spinning drains the clothes from the water they are retaining using centrifugal force. You may need to change your dog tags, clutch or might just be a simple switch that can be bypassed. This is not a do it yourself job, you should call a Montreal washer repair technician to identify the problem and fix it.

Washer wont drain

Calling a Montreal washer repair technician will help you Identify the problem, 80% of the time you will have a clogged drain pump or hose. It is not a very clean job and can take several hours without the right equipment. If it is just a clogged drain it is an inexpensive job and should be dealt with before your washer starts to stink up the room. Other problems that can cause this is the motor (rarely the issue), or a sensor.


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