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Services we provide for Stove repair

Verification, repair and installation of: thermostat, limit switches, infinity switches, sensors, control board, temperature control, surface elements, oven elements, wiring, fuses, display board, convection fan, oven latch, igniter oven, terminal block, leveling leg, spark electrode.


Preventive Maintenance

Where else can you get the repair of your fridge, stoves, dryers, washers, dishwashers and microwaves all at $50? Avail this only at Montreal Appliance Repair! We do regular cleaning and checkup of your fridge, stoves, dryers, washers, dishwashers and microwaves every 6 months. We make sure that they are cleaned and greased properly, aiming for longer service life for all of your appliances.

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Common Stove problems that we repair

Oven not heaing?

Have you already called a Montreal stove repair technician to check this defect? If your oven is not heating properly, most likely, the temperature or overheat sensors are not working. Do not be too worried about this oven problem because a Montreal technician can solve this easily at a very reasonable cost.

Elements not working?

There are some cases when the stove top elements are not working properly. If this happens, the solution is not always to change the defective parts. The problem could be due to faulty wiring, connectors or switches. Let a Montreal stove repair technician handle this problem for your, as the technician will diagnose and fix your concerns accordingly.

Self-clean not working?

If the self-clean feature is not working, you may have a faulty door latch. However, this should not become a pain in the head! This problem can be linked to a broken element or a faulty control board. A Montreal stove repair technician will give you possible repair options to help you solve your concerns. The technician will be more than happy to serve your needs.

Elements won’t turn off

If elements won’t turn off, check the internal wiring of your stove and the infinity switch of the control board. You can also call a Montreal stove repair technician to assist you and be stressed-free!

F1 error code?

We know you love cooking! That’s why a Montreal stove repair technician will not let you down by solving any possible problems you encounter with your stove, including the F1 error code. This problem can be due to a loose wiring and faulty electronic control board. This is commonly an expensive repair, that’s why you should only trust the experts to perform the diagnosis and repair. Call a Montreal stove repair technician right now!


Linda Dias 06.07.2012

my washer was broken and i called the first person i saw on the internet, sounded like they knew what they were talking about. I got the service and really enjoyed how the technician walked me threw everything he did. They charged a resonable price and in the end my machine was saved. he told me what to do to maintain the machine. i have complete confidence that my washer will last for a long while. i truly recommend this company. thank you.

Mark Wiseman 08.05.2012

very professional, got what you pay for

Rachel Tracert 05.05.2012

i liked the technician, confident in what he was doing and talking about