Montreal Dryer Repair

Services we provide for dryer repair

Verification, repair and installation of: over limit thermostat, sensors, elements, door switch, timer, belt, drum, idler arm, motor, filter, switches, electronic boards, display boards, drum roller thermal fuse, rear bearing …


Preventive Maintenance

Where else can you get the repair of your fridge, stoves, dryers, washers, dishwashers and microwaves all at $50? Avail this only at Montreal Appliance Repair! We do regular cleaning and checkup of your fridge, stoves, dryers, washers, dishwashers and microwaves every 6 months. We make sure that they are cleaned and greased properly, aiming for longer service life for all of your appliances.

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Common dryer problems that we repair

Dryer will not run

It is so difficult to get on with the day especially if your dryer is damaged. Some of the repairs for dryers are somehow manageable and not very costly at all. Common causes for non-running dryers are blown sensors, cut belts or a simple maintenance job. The electrical problems you are experiencing can easily be solved. Call Montreal dryer repair technician to schedule a maintenance check for your dryer.

Dryer is making a terrible noise

If your dryer is making a terrible noise, there is definitely something wrong with your dryer. But do not worry if the service technician cannot repair your dryer problem right away. After diagnosis, the technician will place an order for the required part and will get back to you the soonest time to repair the damaged part of the dryer.

Clothes are taking too long to dry

If the clothes are taking too long to dry, try to check the filter if it is blocked by debris, particles and lint. Clean the lint filter of your dryer regularly. You may call a Montreal dryer repair technician to handle the cleaning tasks for you. Avoid the hassle and mess of cleaning the lint filter of your dryer, let an experienced technician take care of it.

Filter is clean and clothes won't dry

Are your clothes drying up quite longer even if the dryer is heating up? The possible cause is a kinked hose that’s why your system remains clogged! To make sure that your dryer hose is 100% completely clean, get the services of a Montreal dryer repair technician.


Eric Martineau 06.07.2012

i called for the maintenance on my fridge, washer and dryer, i was only charged 100 dollars. amazing!